Alexa Chung Style Steal!

Effortlessly cool but yet a style that is easy to recreate for the everyday girl with a simple wardrobe.

Skirt outfitThis look incorporates a feminine floral skirt but with a masculine touch. An easy way to dress down a pretty skirt.

I have taken inspiration in this outfit:

Plain black jumper with Vans and a floral skirt or dress.

Dress: Nasty Gal Wrap Floral Dress

dress with jumper

Next Up, a super easy combination of black and white. A great transitional outfit or a British summer outfit.


Now whilst my recreation is not exactly the same, I have taken inspiration from Alexa’s and recreated it using items I already had in my wardrobe.

Bralette: Bralette

White jumper with a black denim skirt and black boots.


Finally, another casual outfit that could be wore from day to night.


My Outfit:

Green Jacket

Then I went for a white t-shirt and a denim skirt with black boots.



I hope you enjoyed this post and gained some Alexa Chung Style inspiration! Whilst these outfits are not exactly the same, they still work but incorporate items I already had in my wardrobe.

Eleanor Elizabeth x

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Hey! For me this blog is a creative outlet whilst I am studying at university. I write about university mishaps, fashion, lifestyle etc. At 20, I can't promise great life advice, however maybe you could grasp what not to do.

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