Things You Might Forget To Take To University.

Moving in and starting university is stressful enough, you don’t want to be rushing around trying to get forgotten items on the first week. Here is a short list of items you wouldn’t necessarily think to take but will come in handy. Once results day is over you can look forward to university shopping!

1. Fancy Dress.
Your first week and society initiations will probably involve fancy dress so take a couple of outfits just in case you end up going last minute. The more over the top the better, don’t be scared to make a fool of yourself, most people will be drunk anyway and not remember.

2. Extra cash for freshers week.
To join societies etc you will probably need to pay In cash so save your time and inconvenience and take a little more in your bag.

3. A door stop.
This is really useful for freshers week when you move in, keep your door open so that it will be easy to meet people as they walk past. This is how I met one of my closest friends at university, Ann, she was the first person to walk past my door and see me.

4. Medication.
Freshers flu is real and you will get it. I was ill for two weeks before my mum visited and bought me lem sips. Two days later I felt fine. I don’t know why I didn’t buy myself anything but remember to take care of yourself and take the right kind of drugs.

5. Flip Flops and a wash bag if you are in shared bathrooms.
This will be essential! Please do not forget the flip flops!!! I had to share two showers between seventeen people. That is a lot of feet and god knows what else!

6. Hangers.
If your like me and know you are going to take way to many clothes, take more hangers.

7. Check whether you will be provided with certain furniture.
For example, what size bed? Pillows and duvet? Lamp? Full length mirror?

8. Pins
You will probably have some kind of notice board and this would be an easy thing to forget.

9. Appropriate outdoor clothing for the climate.
Especially if you are moving to Manchester or Liverpool university, it will rain a couple times a week. If your going North, remember the snow!

Hope this helped and if you are moving to university, get ready for an amazing year!!
Eleanor Elizabeth x

Published by eleanorelizabeth99

Hey! For me this blog is a creative outlet whilst I am studying at university. I write about university mishaps, fashion, lifestyle etc. At 20, I can't promise great life advice, however maybe you could grasp what not to do.

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