Five Hidden Secrets Of London.

London is the place where I feel my happiest and most creative. I grew up in a town where literally nothing happens. It’s a poor area that is neither near a city nor a countryside. However, fortunately for me, I have family that live in London so I visited London at least once a year growing up. I hope to live in London one day or at least in a city.

Since I have family in London they often take me to new places that I’ve never heard about but they often end up being the best places and not a tourist trap. Here are a few hidden London secrets.

1. Level 6 Restaurant.
This restaurant is within the Tate art museum and so is a perfect break. The best part about this restaurant Is the views. It has full length widows and an amazing view of St. Paul’s Cathedral and the city. It’s not the cheapest but a lovely experience.
Level 6

2. Maison Bertaux.
This is a bakery in Soho, established in 1871 and has a lovely old fashioned feel. You can sit inside or out whilst you enjoy rich French deserts. Definitely worth a visit for a sugar fix whist in Soho.


3. Foyles.
Established in 1903, this is one of the oldest independent book shops in London. They have opened a café in the back which hosts live bands and events. How could you not go to London and check out a book shop. I could spend hours in this book shop.

4. The Gate Cinema.
This is a small art house cinema. The interiors however are elaborate, with high callings and sofas. They show a wide range from independent films, opera , ballet and even live theatre.

5. Viktor Wynd Museum Of Curiosities.
This is a museum which hosts fine art, natural histories, unusual and grotesque objects. Perfect for kids as weird doesn’t even describe the objects in this museum. A must see.

So there you have five hidden secrets of London. Next time you visit, maybe check one out.
Eleanor Elizabeth xx

Published by eleanorelizabeth99

Hey! For me this blog is a creative outlet whilst I am studying at university. I write about university mishaps, fashion, lifestyle etc. At 20, I can't promise great life advice, however maybe you could grasp what not to do.

One thought on “Five Hidden Secrets Of London.

  1. I lived in London for 60 years, born and bred. Maison Berteaux is a great place, but not so secret, as it has always been very busy. Around the corner was Amamto, which sold the best custard doughnuts in London. So big, you need to eat them with cutlery. I understand this has now closed. Sad.
    Thanks for following my blog, which is much appreciated.
    Best wishes from my retirement in Norfolk. Pete.


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