How To Have A Productive Day!

How To Have A Productive Day:
Personally I am the kind of person who can only be productive when I am busy. Give me two tasks to do and it will take me ten times longer than if I had ten tasks. However, it does mean that no matter how many things I have too do I know that I will get it done somehow.
When I do get into a procrastination slump I take a day to get my shit together, normally its on a Sunday, I have dedicated Sunday as my ‘Get my shit done day’. I go through several steps to get my shit together and I’m willing to share the magic so here we go…


1. Sort Yourself Out!
The night before or in the morning give yourself a pamper. Yes that’s right treat yourself. Do a face mask, paint your nails, put fake tan on, shave, wash your hair, moisturize do whatever you need to do to make yourself feel good about yourself. This also includes your mental health as well! Take the day before to get your head in a destressed place. I like to watch old YouTube videos that put me in a cosy and peaceful place, for me I watch Tanya Burr’s Vlogmas videos. Take the day to let go and relax.
2. What Do You Actually Have To Do?
Make a list of absolutely everything you have to do with the deadlines next to each one. Split this list into work, social and home. For example work may be to plan your presentation, home may be order a new dishwasher and social may be get your friends birthday present.
This may at first look intimidating but from here it becomes easy. You need to prioritise the tasks with the closest deadline. If you have deadlines that are very close together, you need to temporarily move them so that you get some of them completed early.
3. Wake Up!
Wake up early, have a healthy breakfast and just start your work. Personally if I give myself chance to relax in the morning, I’m just not moving for the rest of the day.
4. Five Things A Day.
So no matter how productive you are in a day, there is only so much you can do to a good standard. Study’s say an effective way is to give yourself five tasks to do within a day. Mix your work, home and social tasks for each day. You should try and choose two big tasks and three medium to small takes. That way you shouldn’t be too overwhelmed in the morning, especially if you acknowledge bug tasks need to be balanced with very small ones. Try and plan this the day before.
5. Get Away From Distraction.
This could be banning yourself from social media or if you work from home, going to work in a coffee shop or office. Acknowledge what distracts you and get rid!
6. Gain Inspiration.
I find, if I’m not feeling inspired or creative that is the cause of my procrastination. Therefore I need to tackle this before I try and complete my work.
7. Find The Cause!
Why are you procrastination? Following on from the point above, you need to discover why you are putting tasks off. Is it because you actually have no interest in them, in that case you need to have a think about what you are doing with your time/job.
8. Get Help.
Some tasks are menial or time consuming that you just haven’t got round to doing but it is really annoying you. In that case, ask someone for a favour and in the future you can return a favour. Sometimes you have to admit you are struggling for anything to improve.

There you have it! My tips for having a productive day whilst you get your shit together. Do you have any other tips?
Eleanor Elizabeth x

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Hey! For me this blog is a creative outlet whilst I am studying at university. I write about university mishaps, fashion, lifestyle etc. At 20, I can't promise great life advice, however maybe you could grasp what not to do.

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