Essential University Clothes And Outfits You Will Need!

When I went into my first year at university last year I did not have a clue what clothes I should take or how much. Now, everything depends on individual factors for your university, shuch as the amount of storage you have in your room and the weather conditions. If you are moving North, especially Manchester, it will rain so bring waterproofs. If you are going further North, it will snow so bring thermals and boots that have grip.
These are a few clothing items I found myself buying before Christmas which cut into my money for the week so might be helpful for you to take before hand.
Fancy Dress.

white jumper
1. Freshers week especially!

Fancy dress will become so useful and most societies and parties will involve you wearing some form. Maybe arrive will two outfits, the sillier and more over the top the better.
2. Socially Expectable Workout Clothes.
This might be surprising at uni but if you join a sports society this will be needed. At home I workout in pyjamas in my room so when I went to uni I had to invest in the whole outfits. Plus if you buy nice matching ones you can wear it all day and go straight to your activity.
3. Formal dresses.
At my uni we have a few formals every term so it was annoying to have to buy nice dresses every time. Next year I’m going to arrive with formal dresses to save the hassle.
4. Night Out Clothes.
This all depends on your uni nightlife but most probably for uni nights out you probably won’t have to get very dressed up. I just wear trainers will jeans or a skirt and a t-shirt. This is something you will find out when you get there but take some nice tops and maybe one outfit you could dress up if other people do.
5. Weather Appropriate Clothing.
Again, I moved further north and did not take into account just how cold (-6) and how much snow I would get. I had to invest in snow boots, thermals etc.
6. Everyday Clothes.
Honestly you don’t need to invest in this section. To lectures and everyday outings everyone just wears hoodies to be honest. If you went to a college, the clothes you wore there are perfectly fine. I took some more jumpers and coats because I knew it would be colder but apart from that at 9am lectures nobody is looking their best.
7. Shoes.
Again, especially if your uni is a city uni and not a campus, I can ensure you heals just do not exist. I am only taking one pair of black heals next year for formals and balls. Trainers and flats will become your best friend.
There we have my uni outfit essentials! Thanks for reading.
If you have any other advice please let me know in the comments!
Eleanor Elizabeth xx

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Hey! For me this blog is a creative outlet whilst I am studying at university. I write about university mishaps, fashion, lifestyle etc. At 20, I can't promise great life advice, however maybe you could grasp what not to do.

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