Wardrobe Essentials Everyone Needs.

As someone who likes statement pieces in my wardrobe and I am y no means a minimalist I do have basic items that I always go back too. Basic pieces can really help finish an outfit through simplicity and practicality.

Here are my wardrobe essentials that get used in every outfit. They may sound boring and simple but they are so necessary!

Wardrobe Essentials.png

  1. Basic white and black t-shirts. 

The fit depends on your personal preference. I prefer oversized tees to tuck into jeans but I also have tighter fitted ones. Think about the neck line and how low cut they are as well. Whilst you will be able to find these t-shirts anywhere, pay attention to the quality, you don’t want a white tee that you can see through. These simple pieces are really something to invest in.

2. Well fitted jeans in staple colours. 

I think skinny jeans is a classic shape that you will always be able to pull off, however I could not be without my straight legged jeans. Find a fit you feel comfortable in! Personally I would say the essential colours would be black and dark blue but I think grey is a third essential.

3. Vest tops. 

These can provide extra warmth or prevent everyone being able to see your bra. I have one in black, white and nude. I would recommend the ones from Primark, super cheap.

4. Underwear. 

Over the years I have really invested in underwear and it has definitely paid off, having different styles and colours means you are never caught off guard with a awkward outfit. I would say colour wise white, black and nude is a must for practicality. In terms of styles, that is really a personal preference, buy the style you feels comfortable and confident in. Finally for awkward outfits I like having a stick on bra, strapless and push up bra so that I am always prepared. Nipple stickers are also cheap and good to have just in case. Shape wear may also be useful, along with cycling shorts for summer dresses. Plus black and nude coloured tights are useful!

5.  Stripy t-shirt. 

6. Basic shoes.

In this category I would say you want shoes that go with multiple outfits. For me, I always pair my outfits with black boots (healed and flat), black heals or simple white or black trainers/ converse.

7. Jackets. 

Simple staples for me is a  black leather jacket or a denim jacket. I always think having pockets is essential in a jacket.

8. Oversized hoodie. 

9. Staple jewellery. 

I would always invest in fine jewellery (gold or silver) so that it doesn’t tarnish. Simple rings, earrings and a necklace will be useful. The best accessory should be your watch.

10. Handbag. 

Think about your lifestyle, do you need a big bag so you can fit your laptop in it or will a cross body bag fit the purpose?

11. Sunglasses.

12. Belt.

13. Little black dress. 

14. A matching gym outfit. 

For the days you just cannot be bothered too face.



Hope this simple and relatively short list helps your outfits.

Is there any other pieces that help your outfits? Please let me know.

Eleanor Elizabeth x

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Hey! For me this blog is a creative outlet whilst I am studying at university. I write about university mishaps, fashion, lifestyle etc. At 20, I can't promise great life advice, however maybe you could grasp what not to do.

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