Skin Update- Not Good!

Quick update:


So three months after being referred to a demonologist I was finally prescribed roaccutane. Now whilst this is the outcome I wanted, I did not realise how difficult this drug would be.

It turns out I have to go back to the doctors every month to do a pregnancy test in order to receive my next batch of tablets as I only receive a months worth.

However, I also have to go back home to do a blood test a week before this appointment!

Therefore twice a month I have to travel home from university via the useless northern rail. I am not even sure how I am going to afford all the train tickets. It will also mean I will miss university lectures and seminars.

I thought about not going through with it however when I was in the hospital and went to the pregnancy test in the bathroom I looked in the mirror to see if my skin was ‘that bad’ and honestly I took one look and started crying. I know that I need to go through this (hopefully for five months only), not for vanity but for my mental health.

I start it on Monday tomorrow and I’m nervous for the side effects. Apparently it really dries out your skin which I know I will be conscious of and it can affect your moods.

I just need to get through this and hopefully I will end up with the skin I can’t even remember having- blemish free.

Eleanor Elizabeth xx

Published by eleanorelizabeth99

Hey! For me this blog is a creative outlet whilst I am studying at university. I write about university mishaps, fashion, lifestyle etc. At 20, I can't promise great life advice, however maybe you could grasp what not to do.

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