Autumn 2018 Trends.

Autumn is my favourite fashion season and I am hoping Autumn 2018 will deliver my expectations. I went to the Trafford Centre to browse the new trends and to be honest I wasn’t all that impressed, the clothes in the high streets are so predictable! A lot of burnt orange, burgundy and dark green as the colour pallet (how ground-breaking). In terms of clothes, again a lot of pinafores and teddy bear coats, in my opinion that was great for 2017 but I was hoping fashion would have progressed. I did manage to find some pieces that I think will fit well into Autumn 2018, online shopping might have too best way too update your autumn wardrobe.

  1. Leopard Print Everything. 

So you already knew this was a trend but personally I wouldn’t wear a full on leopard print item such as a top, skirt or coat. I think you have to be a certain level of cool too be able to look good in a leopard print coat, think Anita Pallenberg esc. I do however like subtle hints of leopard print, for example on a flat shoes, a scrunchie or a bandana tied onto a bag, that is how I will incorporate this tend in Autumn 2018.


Boohoo Dress £22.

2. Rainbow Jumpers.

Again quite a dividing trend but I do actually like this one. I am going to opt for a pastel rainbow jumper but why not inject some serious bold colour into your wardrobe. I have seen one from Primark for £10 if you are not sure about it. If you check ASOS you will be able too look at a range of rainbow jumpers and pick your favourite.


Monki Rainbow Jumper £25 Available at ASOS


3. Boiler Suits. 

This may sound weird but I really think this will take off in Autumn 2018. Topshop have two and I love the black with white piping boiler suit however it is £65 and so I checked ASOS and found an alternative for £45. I would recommend making sure it fits well because otherwise you may look a little shapeless, perhaps try a belt in that case.


ASOS Boiler Suit £45.

4. Orange. 

I think bright orange will start creeping in Autumn this year. Whilst it is a bold colour, I have an orange tee which I tuck into black jeans and it adds a nice pop of colour too an all black outfit.

5. Teddy Bear Coats. 

In my opinion, I liked these coats but for 2017/ early 2018. I have a black one and whilst I got loads of wear out of it, I enjoy getting a new winter coat each year and I just think everyone will be wearing a tan coloured teddy bear coat. I just find it awkward when you walk past people and you are wearing the same coat, plus I am not cool enough too wear a leopard print coat.

6. Windbreaker Jackets. 

Practical and give a sports lux’s vibe to an outfit. I bought a black and grey one from the men’s section in Primark for £12.


Boohoo Windbreaker £18

7.  Cargo Trousers.

I like this trend a lot, a trouser that your legs can breath in. I think they are quite a masculine looking trouser and so are perfect for people who want to tone down an outfit. However, I would wear cargo trousers with heals and a black crop top for a night out. Perfect day to night trousers.


Bershka Cargo Trousers £25.99

8.  Midi Skirts with Flats.  

I love this! Again adding a masculine element too a feminine item. I love black floral print midi skirts with trainers, vans or boots. I have one dress from Nasty Gal which is a wrap dress with an open midi skirt, love it.


Boohoo Wrap Skirt £10.

9. Open Back Jumpers. 

Whilst this item certainly defeats the point of wearing a jumper too keep you warm, it does look nice and so I am sure we will all manage. I have seen many on ASOS and Misguided. You could wear it with a completely open back and either go braless or wear a cute bralette with your hair in a bun. Cute!


Pretty Little Thing Open Back Jumper £20.


10. Face Print. 

I am actually a fan of this one! I have a tee from Vintage Reclaimed with faces on it and I think it looks very chic and reminds me of the kind of item one might find in Copenhagen. I also have gold earrings with faces on. A number of high street stores are doing these but the cheapest I have seen are in Primark for £2 in silver.


Face Tee From Asos  £20

Hope you enjoyed this post, please let me know of any other trend you have seen that you are loving!

Eleanor Elizabeth xx

My Fall Traditions.

My favourite time of year is fast approaching, AUTUMN! I have always been a winter over summer person and love all the traditions that autumn brings with it. Here are my autumn traditions, they might be basic but highly necessary in order for it to feel like autumn.


  1. Bake and eat an abundance of Apple Pie.
  2. Pumpkin Pie.
  3. Decorate excessively for Halloween.
  4. Watch a sufficient number of Horror movies in order to feel spooked out.
  5. Carve a Pumpkin.
  6. Make homemade soup.
  7. Buy multiple flavours of Hot Chocolate.
  8. Hats, scarfs and gloves with every outfit.
  9. Dark lipsticks.
  10. Bonfire Night with toffee apples and fireworks.
  11. leaves and long, cold walks with the dog.
  12. Jumpers and cosy clothes.
  13. Rainy mornings.
  14. Frost on the grass.
  15. Football.
  16. The Great British Bake Off.
  17. Scented Candles.
  18. Teen movies on sick days.
  19. Warm dinners.

Eleanor Elizabeth xx

Facts I Found Today About…Vampires!

I love autumn and anything spooky, hence when I woke up to the rain this morning It immediately made me excited for everything autumnal, including Halloween. I am a fan of the slightly cheesy vampire books and films, I’m not even ashamed about it! As a History undergrad I wanted to gain more information on the origin of Vampires and folklore, I presumed there presence would be great in the 17th c but I was surprised by a lot of the details involved in the history of vampires.


  1. The Origin Of Vampires Can Be Traced To Greek Mythology. 

In the story of a young Italian man named Ambrogio and love of his life, Selena. The story includes many features of mainstream vampire tales such as passion, blood-sucking and extreme sun sensitivity.
According to the myth, Ambrogio fell in love with Selena after visiting the legendary Oracle in the temple of Apollo, the sun god. He asked her to marry him, but little did he know the jealous Apollo wanted her for his own. Apollo cursed Ambrogio by causing his skin to burn whenever it was exposed to sunlight.
In desperation, Ambrogio turned to Hades, the god of the underworld, and then Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, for help. After stealing Artemis’s silver bow to fulfil a deal made with Hades, Artemis cursed Ambrogio so silver would burn his skin. She later took pity on him, though, and gave him super strength, immortality, and fangs to kill beasts to use their blood to write love poems to Selena.
Eventually, the mortal Selena escaped Apollo’s grasp and reunited with the immortal Ambrogio. Artemis told Ambrogio he could make Selena immortal by drinking her blood which would kill her body but make her spirit live on. Their combined blood could then turn anyone who drank it into a vampire.

2. The Main Superstition Around Vampires Climaxed In  The 17th Century Eastern Europe. 

The 17th century is notorious for being the height of superstition and fears of vampires is no exception. The accounts about vampires were written by officials such as priest and medical professional. Accounts such as one from 1732, involved numerous unsolved deaths (17) in a village.

3. The Belief In Vampires Centred Around The Graveyard. 

After an unexplained death, graves would sometimes be checked by professionals. There are accounts of bodies still containing running blood or new flesh, indicating the return of life.

4. Vampire Precautions Were Used. 

Following on from the point above, the graveyard and burial of the dead involved safeguarding against vampires. For example, it is thought the grave stone was a way too keep the body in its grave. Coffins were often secured with pins and nails, limbs were severed and sometimes heads were cut off and placed behind the body, in the event of the body returning to life, this way it wouldn’t be able to locate itself. Plus tilted gravestones suggested the body had access in and outside the grave.

5. The Immortality Of Vampires Originates From The Bible. 

In Christianity, blood is life and death is the loss of blood. Hence, Vampires suck blood to regain life and immortality.

This was sort of for my interest but I hope you too enjoyed these facts. Do you have any facts about Vampires?

Eleanor Elizabeth xx

Wardrobe Essentials Everyone Needs.

As someone who likes statement pieces in my wardrobe and I am y no means a minimalist I do have basic items that I always go back too. Basic pieces can really help finish an outfit through simplicity and practicality.

Here are my wardrobe essentials that get used in every outfit. They may sound boring and simple but they are so necessary!

Wardrobe Essentials.png

  1. Basic white and black t-shirts. 

The fit depends on your personal preference. I prefer oversized tees to tuck into jeans but I also have tighter fitted ones. Think about the neck line and how low cut they are as well. Whilst you will be able to find these t-shirts anywhere, pay attention to the quality, you don’t want a white tee that you can see through. These simple pieces are really something to invest in.

2. Well fitted jeans in staple colours. 

I think skinny jeans is a classic shape that you will always be able to pull off, however I could not be without my straight legged jeans. Find a fit you feel comfortable in! Personally I would say the essential colours would be black and dark blue but I think grey is a third essential.

3. Vest tops. 

These can provide extra warmth or prevent everyone being able to see your bra. I have one in black, white and nude. I would recommend the ones from Primark, super cheap.

4. Underwear. 

Over the years I have really invested in underwear and it has definitely paid off, having different styles and colours means you are never caught off guard with a awkward outfit. I would say colour wise white, black and nude is a must for practicality. In terms of styles, that is really a personal preference, buy the style you feels comfortable and confident in. Finally for awkward outfits I like having a stick on bra, strapless and push up bra so that I am always prepared. Nipple stickers are also cheap and good to have just in case. Shape wear may also be useful, along with cycling shorts for summer dresses. Plus black and nude coloured tights are useful!

5.  Stripy t-shirt. 

6. Basic shoes.

In this category I would say you want shoes that go with multiple outfits. For me, I always pair my outfits with black boots (healed and flat), black heals or simple white or black trainers/ converse.

7. Jackets. 

Simple staples for me is a  black leather jacket or a denim jacket. I always think having pockets is essential in a jacket.

8. Oversized hoodie. 

9. Staple jewellery. 

I would always invest in fine jewellery (gold or silver) so that it doesn’t tarnish. Simple rings, earrings and a necklace will be useful. The best accessory should be your watch.

10. Handbag. 

Think about your lifestyle, do you need a big bag so you can fit your laptop in it or will a cross body bag fit the purpose?

11. Sunglasses.

12. Belt.

13. Little black dress. 

14. A matching gym outfit. 

For the days you just cannot be bothered too face.



Hope this simple and relatively short list helps your outfits.

Is there any other pieces that help your outfits? Please let me know.

Eleanor Elizabeth x

How To Always Look Put Together!

I know how it feels too scroll through Instagram and look at beautiful girls who seem to have their life together and you end up feeling like a piece of shit! So I decided to change my lifestyle so that no matter how late/ lazy I am that day I still feel good and confident in myself, for myself.

I always think the Olsen Twins look effortlessly put together and I hope to be able to achieve that look one day.


  1. Low Maintenance Haircut.
  2. Teeth whitening kits.
  3. Get your eyebrows done professionally.
  4. Eyelash extensions.
  5. Lip balm.
  6. Clean nails or freshly painted (no chipped nails)
  7. Nice simple jewellery that is not tarnished.
  8. Statement items in your wardrobe, eg, shoes, belts, coats.
  9. If you don’t have anything to wear- go to your gym wear.
  10. Sunglasses.
  11. Chewing gum.
  12. Have an emergency kit in your bag.
  13. Don’t wear shoes you can not walk in.
  14. Don’t wear an outfit that you don’t feel confident in or else you will constantly fidget.
  15. Matching socks.
  16. Underwear that doesn’t have holes in it and actually fits.

This was just a short post but these tips do make me feel so much more confident and put together! Hope they help you.

Eleanor Elizabeth xx


It is okay to be shy! I wish I had known that sooner!

If you are like me, parents evening consisted of going from teacher to teacher telling my parents that I was ‘too quiet’ and that I needed to ‘speak up more’ and ask questions and answer questions. HOW POINTLESS!

Yes I know the answer and no I am not being lazy, at that time in my life I did not feel confident in my ability to answer correctly or I speak in front of the class. Everyone learns differently and it’s often the quiet ones who actually are learning because they are listening to the lesson.

This was often the only criticism I would receive and so I associated me being shy as a bad trait of mine. As I have grown up I have realised that just because I am not obnoxious and loud that does not mean you have to change. I have also realised that you don’t have to label your self as an introvert. For example, I like meeting new people and I like going to parties but I still don’t speak up in seminars at uni. You are not just one personality type.

Instead of being labelled shy I like too think of it as being reserved. I might not be that annoying loud person who tells you my life story five minutes after meeting you and that’s okay.

I always think the reserved people are the best anyway, they observe. It took me a long time too not hate being ‘shy’, now I think being reserved adds mystery. You are the dark horse, you don’t give anything away because you don’t need too.

Unfortunately the loud people are often overcompensating for something they want to hind. The silly kid in class was just trying too get attention because they didn’t receive any at home. You on the other hand are quietly confident, you don’t need to be the centre of attention because you know that you are a good person who has their priorities straight.

Furthermore, I hate it when people say it too my face like, ‘your shy’ or ‘don’t be shy’, wow thanks you cured me. The reason I am not talking too you is because I observed you and realised you are not worth talking too, thanks goodbye. Funny-ecard-People-think-im-shy

I hope you related too this and I hope you enjoyed reading!

Eleanor Elizabeth xx

Essential University Clothes And Outfits You Will Need!

When I went into my first year at university last year I did not have a clue what clothes I should take or how much. Now, everything depends on individual factors for your university, shuch as the amount of storage you have in your room and the weather conditions. If you are moving North, especially Manchester, it will rain so bring waterproofs. If you are going further North, it will snow so bring thermals and boots that have grip.
These are a few clothing items I found myself buying before Christmas which cut into my money for the week so might be helpful for you to take before hand.
Fancy Dress.

white jumper
1. Freshers week especially!

Fancy dress will become so useful and most societies and parties will involve you wearing some form. Maybe arrive will two outfits, the sillier and more over the top the better.
2. Socially Expectable Workout Clothes.
This might be surprising at uni but if you join a sports society this will be needed. At home I workout in pyjamas in my room so when I went to uni I had to invest in the whole outfits. Plus if you buy nice matching ones you can wear it all day and go straight to your activity.
3. Formal dresses.
At my uni we have a few formals every term so it was annoying to have to buy nice dresses every time. Next year I’m going to arrive with formal dresses to save the hassle.
4. Night Out Clothes.
This all depends on your uni nightlife but most probably for uni nights out you probably won’t have to get very dressed up. I just wear trainers will jeans or a skirt and a t-shirt. This is something you will find out when you get there but take some nice tops and maybe one outfit you could dress up if other people do.
5. Weather Appropriate Clothing.
Again, I moved further north and did not take into account just how cold (-6) and how much snow I would get. I had to invest in snow boots, thermals etc.
6. Everyday Clothes.
Honestly you don’t need to invest in this section. To lectures and everyday outings everyone just wears hoodies to be honest. If you went to a college, the clothes you wore there are perfectly fine. I took some more jumpers and coats because I knew it would be colder but apart from that at 9am lectures nobody is looking their best.
7. Shoes.
Again, especially if your uni is a city uni and not a campus, I can ensure you heals just do not exist. I am only taking one pair of black heals next year for formals and balls. Trainers and flats will become your best friend.
There we have my uni outfit essentials! Thanks for reading.
If you have any other advice please let me know in the comments!
Eleanor Elizabeth xx

Nasty Gal Review!

After watching the entire series of Girl Boss on Netflix ( would recommend by the way) I decided to give Nasty Gal a look online. Unfortunately for my bank account there was a dangerous combination of a summer sale and really cool clothes. This resulted in a hefty order ( for my bank account).

The website is really easy to use and they often have deals and discount codes. I got my delivery next day for some money off and it actually arrived next day! I’ve ordered from asos next day and it’s only arrived a few days later. Super impressed by the delivery.

Everything arrived in a nice nasty gal bag and everything individually wrapped. My last boohoo order arrived all ripped up!

I ordered a black floral wrap dress in size small and I’m in love! It’s not too see through and the size is ok. I do have to say I wish they did it in an xs but I just have to wear a bando with it. I think this dress could be worn in summer and autumn. As you can see I styled it with a leather jacket and black boots. This dress was £26 but I think for a statement piece it’s worth it.


I aso ordered some Jewelry to try. The Jewelry was all reduced so I picked up two checkers both star themed of course. I’ve never worn chockers before but I thought for party’s they would be great. The silver necklace was £4 and the gold £7. Definitely the quality is better in the more expensive one, it’s heavier. I can’t wait to wear these at uni.

How could I do an online shop and not pick up a t-shirt? I’ve been searching for statement band tees and came across this one for around £6 I think. It was definitely less than £10. I ordered a size M so it would be oversized and I’m again very impressed. The quality is lovely and the print looks as though it will last a while. A very easy statement tee with jeans.


Lastly I looked at the shoes. Now, I have been lusting after the Stella McCartney platform shoes for a while and couldn’t not give them a go! Plus the couldn’t have been more for me, they have stars on them!! The are obviously not for everyone but I love them. I ordered my normal size 5 and they fit perfectly well. The quality isn’t amazing but I knew they weren’t going to be an everyday shoe so i didn’t mind. They were £24.


I am so happy with my order and will definitely be ordering from Nasty Gal again!

The only negative would be the lack if individual sizing.

Thanks for reading!

Eleanor Elizabeth xx

How To Have A Productive Day!

How To Have A Productive Day:
Personally I am the kind of person who can only be productive when I am busy. Give me two tasks to do and it will take me ten times longer than if I had ten tasks. However, it does mean that no matter how many things I have too do I know that I will get it done somehow.
When I do get into a procrastination slump I take a day to get my shit together, normally its on a Sunday, I have dedicated Sunday as my ‘Get my shit done day’. I go through several steps to get my shit together and I’m willing to share the magic so here we go…


1. Sort Yourself Out!
The night before or in the morning give yourself a pamper. Yes that’s right treat yourself. Do a face mask, paint your nails, put fake tan on, shave, wash your hair, moisturize do whatever you need to do to make yourself feel good about yourself. This also includes your mental health as well! Take the day before to get your head in a destressed place. I like to watch old YouTube videos that put me in a cosy and peaceful place, for me I watch Tanya Burr’s Vlogmas videos. Take the day to let go and relax.
2. What Do You Actually Have To Do?
Make a list of absolutely everything you have to do with the deadlines next to each one. Split this list into work, social and home. For example work may be to plan your presentation, home may be order a new dishwasher and social may be get your friends birthday present.
This may at first look intimidating but from here it becomes easy. You need to prioritise the tasks with the closest deadline. If you have deadlines that are very close together, you need to temporarily move them so that you get some of them completed early.
3. Wake Up!
Wake up early, have a healthy breakfast and just start your work. Personally if I give myself chance to relax in the morning, I’m just not moving for the rest of the day.
4. Five Things A Day.
So no matter how productive you are in a day, there is only so much you can do to a good standard. Study’s say an effective way is to give yourself five tasks to do within a day. Mix your work, home and social tasks for each day. You should try and choose two big tasks and three medium to small takes. That way you shouldn’t be too overwhelmed in the morning, especially if you acknowledge bug tasks need to be balanced with very small ones. Try and plan this the day before.
5. Get Away From Distraction.
This could be banning yourself from social media or if you work from home, going to work in a coffee shop or office. Acknowledge what distracts you and get rid!
6. Gain Inspiration.
I find, if I’m not feeling inspired or creative that is the cause of my procrastination. Therefore I need to tackle this before I try and complete my work.
7. Find The Cause!
Why are you procrastination? Following on from the point above, you need to discover why you are putting tasks off. Is it because you actually have no interest in them, in that case you need to have a think about what you are doing with your time/job.
8. Get Help.
Some tasks are menial or time consuming that you just haven’t got round to doing but it is really annoying you. In that case, ask someone for a favour and in the future you can return a favour. Sometimes you have to admit you are struggling for anything to improve.

There you have it! My tips for having a productive day whilst you get your shit together. Do you have any other tips?
Eleanor Elizabeth x

Five Hidden Places To Shop In London.

London is bursting with fashion and art however sometimes the best places to gain inspiration and a surge of creativity are not the well known places or designer stores. These shops will hopefully give you new places to explore on your next day out in London!


1. The Essential Shop To Check Out – Aime.
This boutique offers the prestige French designs with London’s multiculturalism. It offers chic selections of jewellery, ceramics, gifts etc. A lovely Parisian boutique in London.
32 Ledbury Road Notting Hill, London W11 2AB
2. For Vintage Clothing Check Out – 282 Portobello.
282 provide classic quality vintage while focusing on English sartorial elegance. The stock overflows onto the pavement when the sun is out. They have vintage, ball gowns, furs, tweed etc. A great place to have a browse.
282 Portobello Road, London W10 5TE

3. For Vintage Vinyl – Flashback.
Spend some time browsing the vast selection of music available. New and older vinyl’s available at reasonable prices. A very cool shop and a must for musicians.
131 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 7DG

4. For Art Lovers- Artwords.
This book shop specialises in books catered for creative individuals. They have a magazines on art, fashion, architecture, interior design. Definitely a place to shop to gain inspiration!
20-22 Broadway Market, London E8 4QJ

5. The Useful Shop- Nook.
This is one of those shops which sells useful household objects that you didn’t know you needed. Be aware however, you will almost certainly end up buying something.
153 Stoke Newington Church Street, London ·

I hope you check one of these shops out, they might not be well known but they offer something special and different.
Thank you for reading, if you have any other secret London wonders please leave a comment.

Eleanor Elizabeth x