Roaccutane Diary- Week 1. My Skin Care Routine.

So on Monday I started my first month on Isotretinoin, more commonly known as roaccutane. I have included these pictures of my skin at the start of the treatment for myself to look back on and hopefully my skin gradulay improve. These pictures were extremely hard for me to include but hopefully it will makeContinue reading “Roaccutane Diary- Week 1. My Skin Care Routine.”

Skin Update- Not Good!

Quick update: So three months after being referred to a demonologist I was finally prescribed roaccutane. Now whilst this is the outcome I wanted, I did not realise how difficult this drug would be. It turns out I have to go back to the doctors every month to do a pregnancy test in order toContinue reading “Skin Update- Not Good!”

The Struggle Of Having Acne And The Effect On Your Mental Health.

I honestly can not remember the last time I looked into a mirror and looked at my eyes first. It’s as if my eyes are trained to hunt down my spots. Where are the new ones because I know there will be some? Have the old ones scared? Yes they have, they are now turningContinue reading “The Struggle Of Having Acne And The Effect On Your Mental Health.”