New Shoes and Some Music To Go Along.

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Whilst a pair of shoes may not be able to tell you everything about a person. some shoes are a good giveaway!

For me at least, my shoes mirror the music playing in my ears. For example, if I’m wearing a classic black boot. I’m probably listening to some 2014 Tumblr playlist. Or if I’m wearing my work shoes, I will obviously be listening to depressing tunes to set the tone for the work day.

The most recent pair of shoes I picked up are these black velvet platform heals covered in silver stars from Simply Be on Asos. Now I bought these quickly as they are in the sale for just £18. I realise they are highly unnecessary as we are in another lockdown here in the UK and even without Coronavirus, I’m not too sure where I would wear them.

However, one can dream! So these are the shoes I am going to wear when on a night out to a bar in New York. Here is a playlist to accompany my New York night out with my new star shoes!

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Black Velvet – Alannah Myles

Starman- David Bowie

Don’t Take The Money – Bleachers

Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics

You Spin Me Round – Dead Or Alive

Eleanor x

Movies Most Iconic Shoes.


My last blog post looked at some of my favourite outfits from movies, this time we are looking purely at shoes. Whilst a pair of shoes can complete an outfit, they can also steal the show. Here are just some of the shoes from movies I haven’t managed to get out of my head for years.


  1. Marie Antoinette Manolo Blahnik Shoes


Blahnik, a Marie Antoinette fan himself, was asked by the director, Sophia Coppola to design the queens shoes for the movie. Initially, he didn’t realised how much attention was going to be given to his shoes but with they certainly stole the show.


2.  The Classic Glass Slipper.


The shoe adored by most children and probably many adults, Cinderella’s glass shoes from the Ball may be highly impractical but there has not been a shoe like it since. The 2015 remake of Cinderella did not disappoint either, they managed to capture the magic of the shoes in real life.


3.  Dorothy’s Red Slipper in ‘The Wizard of Oz’. 


These red glittery shoes from The Wizard of Oz are probably the shoes that springs to most peoples mind due to their significance in the story and their eye catching design.


4. Baby’s White Sneakers in Dirty Dancing. 


Highly underrated in my opinion, simple but effective.



5. Andy Sachs’ Chanel Leather Boots in The Devil Wears Prada. 


One of my favourite movies filled with a brilliant ‘glow up’ montage and some fabulous shoes. These boots are just one pair but probably most note-worthy in my opinion.


Eleanor x

Some Of My Favourite Movie Outfits.


I have always paid close attention to what characters are wearing on the screen. It’s such an important visual guide to a character and is often used as a definite way to demonstrate character development. For example, the classic character ‘glow up’ where they go from showing no skin, in very boring outfits to becoming the bell of the ball. The first example which sprung to my mind was Andy in The Devil wears Prada.

These are just a few of my favourite outfits from some movies:


  1. The iconic green dress from Atonement.


This beautiful satin dress was designed by Jacqueline Durran and it earned her an Oscar nomination in 2008. I remember seeing it for the first time and falling in love with the colour and shine. It is certainly a dress I have taken inspiration from at university balls and formals.


2. The Famous Penny Lane Coat.


One of my favourite movies contains the effortlessly cool Penny Lane and her Anita Pallenberg inspired wardrobe. Her coat, for me, being the most iconic.


3. The suit wearing Annie Hall.


Did this movie lead to me stealing my dads ties? It certainly did. Unfortunately I did go through an awful stage when I was around 10 of wearing a tie and a waistcoat in public and unironically.


4. The angel Juliet.


Might have to recreate this beautiful outfit for Halloween. I don’t feel the need to explain the significance of this dess, the fish tank scene explains it all.


5. The stylish Mr Gatsby.


He can certainly wear any suit well, but I think his suits were carefully chosen throughout the movie which supplemented his character.


What are your favourite movie outfits?

Eleanor x – previous post

My Life Goals Shopping List.

I know this sounds very materialistic but there are just a few things I have been lusting after since I was probably 12, when I first started to watch YouTube and take an interest in fashion.

These are some items which I would love to be able to buy one day!



leather jacket

I have always said that when I get my first big pay check I will buy a black All Saints leather jacket. Even though now they aren’t really ‘on trend’, I think they are still amazing and will always be timeless. Plus I’m still very far away from a big pay check so there’s still some time.



This one definitely comes from years of loving sunbeamsjess’ style on YouTube. I think I could just about buy one of there small skull rings now but ideally I would like one of there larger ones so will have to wait a while yet.



I’m not too sure where this one came from, possibly my love for Alexa Chungs style?



Her butterfly shoes were very popular a few years ago and again, even if they might be ‘out of trend’ when I eventually am able to buy a pair, I will still wear them happily.



Now I know that I should probably just invest in a pair but I just can’t afford to spend £90 on one pair of jeans at the moment so I’m looking forward to the day I can do that.


For now, I shall leave it there because I feel very materialistic and silly because being able to buy these items shouldn’t judge my success but I think it’s just more that I have loved them for so long, it would be nice and momentous to finally be able to own them.

Lenie x


Processing A Meltdown.

Hi, its been a while.

This will most probably be a ramble for myself but also an update.



I turned 21 last Sunday and in a weird way I feel younger. Maybe it’s because I was freaked out about no longer being a teenager last year and now I have entered the weird in-between.

I completed my degree under lockdown, graduated from university, moved back home and first the first time in my life I am stagnant. There is no natural next step. No routine, no security and certainly no money.

For me, moving back to my home town into my teenage room just brings back a lot of bad times. I feel like I’m 15 again, listening to The 1975 and dreaming of moving to London. Now at 21, I’m back in that same room, listening to The 1975, but now I actually relate to their lyrics and still dreaming of moving to London. I’m aiming to move out in January because I can’t stay at home for too long and I’m sure anyone who has moved back in with their parents will understand.

I’m applying for jobs but with a staggering amount of people being made unemployed it just feels very daunting and demotivating. I’m literally hoping for a job I could have got at 16, with no degree or debt.

Basically, I don’t really know what to do from here so I thought I would distract myself with this blog again, if anything it will give my days some structure, as at the moment they are feeling extremely lost.

I’m hoping to share some outfits and most probably fan girl over some 60s ‘it’ girls, as always, please give a follow if that would interest you.

Lenie x

Styling Summer Skirts For Autumn.

As a student I can’t afford to buy clothes for one season, I have to be able to wear them all year round. I think tights and boots are an easy way to do this. I always buy the Primark tights and I have a pair of black winter boots from Asos that I have had for a few winters now.

So in the first outfit I have paired a summer pencil skirt with a chunky sweater and boots. Really cozy but also looks put together.

A silk skirt with a cardigan is also reall easy, maybe for early autumn when it’s not too cold yet.

And finally, my Topshop pinafore that I have had for years, I like to put jumpers underneath and black tights for extra layers.

I think the most effective thing to do is to layer and think ahead.

Thanks for reading,

Lenie ⚡

Awkward September Season OOTD.

So here is my awkward September outfit. Cold in the morning and evening but the midday sun decides to provide more heat than it did in summer.

I found the silk skirt in a charity shop and the knit is from pretty little thing.

Today I ate too much and continued to feel shitty about my lack of future job prospects.

More riviting content tomorrow👍.

Thanks and goodbye for now,


Uni Outfit Of The Day.

This week it has been freezing at uni, it even snowed on Saturday and it is still October!

Whilst this coat wouldn’t be practical in the snow it is lovely and warm in the cold.



Scalf- Asos £12

Jeans- Primark.

Coat- £49.99 Stadivarius

Eleanor Elizabeth xx

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My last Blog Post – One Month Roaccutane Update!

One Month Roaccutane Update!

Tomorrow I have another hospital appointment where they prescribe you your next course of medication and the dosage. I think I will probably stay on the same amount, one a day, as I am quite petite.

One month later and I have seen an improvement in my skin but obviously I am still getting whiteheads appear, mainly on my forehead and chin. Also, my skin is still textured and red, but definitely smoother all over.

In terms of side effects, I have definitely felt those. About two weeks in I noticed them, I woke up one day and I could instantly feel my lips were really dry and chapped. I now have four lip balms around me and I cannot be anywhere without one. I even had to buy another one in town when I forgot one. Another physical side effect I have is a dry scalp. In some ways though this just means I don’t have to wash my hair as often but it can be quite itchy. Lastly, for the first week or so, my skin would burn when I moisturised it but now it is fine.

My worse side effect however is definitely the emotional side. Again, I noticed this like two weeks in when I just suddenly started crying for no reason. I have days where I just feel really spaced out and sad for no reason. I have noticed it is worse when I am alone but it doesn’t happen every day.


That is all for now, I’m a bit worried my skin will get worse if they up my dosage tomorrow but hopefully in the end it will be worth it. Also, we are entering the colder months and I just know my skin and lips are going to be so dry!

Eleanor Elizabeth xx

The jumper in the photo is £25 and from Monki

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A Walk In The Park- OOTD.

Instead of doing any work this weekend, me and the girls decided to do anything we could to procrastinate and get out the house. We ended up going for a walk down the river which to be fair was lovely and very autumnal with the leaves falling.

This is just a quick post about my outfit, I think duster coats are such an easy way to look put together and great for transitional weather.




Coat – £34.99 from New Look

Scalf – £12 from Asos

Jeans- Primark.

T-shirt- I saw it first

Trainers- Adidas Stan Smiths.

Eleanor Elizabeth xx

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